2021 FALL REC STANDINGS THROUGH WEEK 10 (11-14-2021) updated 12-23-2021

Teams finishing in first place will receive Championship patches. Standings will be considered final  December 3rd. Patches have been distributed to club reps.

FALL 2021 Schedules

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your schedule please CONTACT YOUR CLUB, they will then forward to NCYSA.

U08B1   U08B2   U08B3   U08B4  U08B5  U08G1  U08G2  U08G3  U09B1  U09B2  U09B3  U09B4  U09B5   U09G1   U09G2   U09G3  U10B1  U10B2  U10B3  U10B4  U10G1  U10G2  U10G3 U10G4  U11B1   U11B2   U11B3   U11B4  U11GU11G2  U11G3  U12B1  U12B2  U12B3  U12B4  U12B5 U12G1  U12G2   U12G3  U13B1    U13B2  U13G1  U13G2  U14B1  U14B2  U14G1  U14G2  U15B1  U15B2  U15G1   U19B1  U19B2    U19B3  U19G1


NCYSA REC. LEAGUE FIELDS - FALL 2021 click to download

Regarding Masks 9-13-21:

NCYSA will follow the guidelines set forth by Washington Youth Soccer, Washington State and Snohomish County. At the current time masks are not required for players, coaches, spectators. But may be updated at a later date. These guidelines do give facility owners the right to adopt stricter policies.

Check out this link as a great resource for finding directions to your games.


  1. Remember only U11 – U19 will report; remember to provide date of game, team age, division, name and opponent.

  2. If you are the home team and you had a referee, NCYSA will gather the scores from NCRefs.

  3. If your club is using NCRefs and you did not have a referee send an email with the scores

  4. If your club is not using NCRefs for referee assigning, coaches need email in the scores

  5. We will post standings periodically (not weekly)